What Is Home Care?

ARC Care | At Home defines Home Care as a personalized way of assisting clients at home who are homebound with illness or old age. At times, Home Care may also be ideal for those with disabilities which reduce an individual’s level of independence and may even affect quality of life.

With Home Care, there is now an option for families to take that does not involve removing the individual from the home environment.

Compared to nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities and assisted living facilities, the client gets to stay right at home close to loved ones. Instead, our team members at ARC Care | At Home will be the ones visiting clients in their residences. This reduces the need for travel and improves quality of life not just for the individual but for the entire family.

If Home Care is something that your loved one could use, please call us at 617-307-4100. We will be happy to hold a consultation with you in person.



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